Stevens Littman Biddeson - Breach of fiduciary & fee agreement and fraud

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Attorney Andrew of the firm of Stevens, Littman,Biddison of Boulder, Colorado approached me to say that he was the best attorney to handle my divorce. We signed a fee agreement which was later amended that if I paid him billings in full through a first trial date, that he would get the rest of his money from what the court awarded to be paid by my ex husband, (who was quite wealthy and who wanted the divorce).

I paid in full per the agreement @ $15,000. During the trial, I discovered and he admitted that he was 'playing for the other side' and he also implicated the judge. I fired him. This was in 2004. We agreed that I I wouldn't file a malpractice suit against him and wouldn't stop his attempts to collect what he could from my Ex, his actual employee and that he wouldn't try to get any more money from me.

But he lied. After he allegedly collected $70,000 from Ex, he took me to court and won a $54,000 plus 18% interest. He said this was 'just for show' to convince the judge that his billings were real. But two years later, after the statute of limitations (to sue him) was up, he liened my house, forced a sale and took over $100,000 and even my homestead exemption (which is supposedly guaranteed to qualifying homeowners. Since I never received any of the property settlement I was awarded by the court in 2005, I have no money to hire an attorney to sue him. I'm a senior citizen trying to live on meager social security which can't even pay for a studio rental apt.

My advise is to not hire this attorney or his firm, that is based out of Vail and Boulder, Colorado. If he approaches you, run as fast as you can.

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He is a crook he should be disbared


let the soul's of the greedy be blessed with all thy want's. there'll never be enough. so bless there happiness. that they'll never have. they just tried to hard.

there's two type of people in this world

one's who get over on people.

one's too get ran over on.

suffering give's dept to the soul,lesson's of life, SO-BE-IT

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